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T2K-ND280 collaboration - design/construction

The ND280 detectors are located 280m downstream of the production target for the T2K long baseline neutrino experiment in Japan. This website was used during the design and construction phase of the project.

An intense neutrino beam from the J-PARC facility in Tokai is being sent 295 km across Japan towards the Super K detector in Kamioka in order to study how neutrinos change from one type to another. The ND280 detectors measure properties of the neutrino beams at the J-PARC site before the neutrinos have had a chance to oscillate into other flavors.

This website was primarily used for communications amongst ND280 collaboration members during the design and construction phase of the experiment. Login is required to access this information. On their first visit to this site, ND280 members must register to set up their personal account. Once the account is verified, which may take a day or two, full access to the web site is granted.

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